Dry Cleaning |

Similar to washing, but instead of water the garments are immersed in the solvent perchlorethylene. Why? Perc is not only more effective at removing certain types of stains such as grease & oil, it is also gentler on fabrics. This is especially important with wools, silks, and most synthetics, which when washed are prone to shrinkage, distortion, and fading. Redi-Quick utilizes the latest technology, to ensure quality, environmentally friendly cleaning. You'll notice the absence of chemical odors.


or finishing garments is the most time consuming part of the process, but there is just no substitute for that wrinkle free, like-new appearance.

Pre-Spotting |

While the cleaning process itself will remove most spots, we carefully inspect every item before and after the cleaning process. Professional spotting solutions and processes not available to the consumer are employed to ensure your garments are returned to you clean, pressed, and ready to wear.

Bulk Cleaning |

Basic drycleaning service, charged/pound. Items are pre-spotted, cleaned, and placed on hangers, no pressing.

Wash & Fold |

Basic laundry service, charged/pound. Items are pre-spotted, washed, and folded, no pressing.


services available. Whether you wish to provide our line of services to your own customers, or are looking for wholesale prices on volume processing. Instore or delivery.

Wedding Gowns |

We specialize in the preservation of wedding and christening gowns, and other family heirlooms. Improperly stored garments routinely suffer discoloration and structural damage. Preserved items are carefully packed, boxed, and sealed in archival materials that are acid free and designed to prevent yellowing. We take great care because we know we're preserving a memory.


shoe shine and repair. Expert workmanship, expect nothing less than quality repair work that's meant to last.

Laundry/Shirt Service |

Crisp, clean and wrinkle free. The commercial laundry process not only cleans more effectively and is gentler on fabrics, but it's very affordable.

Household Items |

At Redi-Quick you can expect discount pricing on just about everything. That includes household items, such as draperies, bedding, tablecloths...

Alteration/Repair |

Full time professional tailor with years of experience. Excellent workmanship, the competitive prices you've come to expect from Redi-Quick.


Leather, suede, fur; cleaning, alteration & repair, provided by Leather Rich of Oconomowoc. While there are cleaners in the area that do their own leather cleaning, we certainly wouldn't recommended it for finer quality apparel. Leather Rich's facility is state of the art and they are an internationally recognized as a leader in the industry.